What is Corp2020?

What is Corp2020?  +  -

Corporation 2020 is a movement that calls for new ways for corporations to operate.
The legal status and business persona of today’s corporation are almost a hundred years old.

The Old Model: Corp1920  +  -

The Corporation 1920 is the corporation of the past, but unfortunately it remains the dominant economic agent of
today.Corporation 1920 is essentially a “cost-externalizer.” It hides the externalities of its production and supply

4 Characteristics Of Corp2020  +  -

Goal Alignment :-   As Henry Ford said, “a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.”
Community :-   The communities that evolve within corporations are an important form of “social capital.”

4 Planks Of Change  +  -

Disclosing Externalities :-   A new understanding of the “externalities” produced by corporate operations is required.
Accountable Advertising :-   Ethics in advertising should no longer be optional.