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Preparatory Papers: Corporations in Great transition - 22 11 2013

Corporation 2020

The Corporation 2020 is the firm of the future. Planetary boundaries - in freshwater, forests, climate, ocean acidification, coral losses, nitrogen, phosphorous etc. - are being approached rapidly or breached. We may be able to wait a decade, but it can certainly not be 2050 or 2100. In order to achieve the goals of sustainable development we need a green economy, and in order to get to a green economy, we must change the way economy’s primary agent --- the corporation --- does business. There are four clear mechanisms to get us there: disclosing corporate externalities, putting taxes on resource extraction, enacting limits to financial leverage, and making advertising accountable. We need Corporation 2020 now.

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  • Old Japanese Saying: Good biz is whn thre are 3 thngs-profit for seller, buyer and community. In othr wrds, CORPORATION 2020 !!

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  • Pavan Sukhdev Awarded with "Gothenburg 2013" award, donates half the money to CORP2020 campaign.

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